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North-West Coast of CorfuSecond largest of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is a popular tourist destination thanks to its sandy beaches, good quality cuisine and excellent weather. As with so many Mediterranean islands it has been fought over, ruled by different civilizations and as a result has a rich history and culture which is clear to see today.

The island is much greener than most people imagine as it has a higher rainfall than other Mediterranean islands such as Menorca. Don't worry about being rained on, the summer months are still nice and dry, with most of the rain handily falling when the tourists have gone home.

A week or two in Corfu can be far more than a beach holiday if you want it to be, with scores of historical and archaeological sites to visit you'll be suitably impressed. Much more like Italy than people realise thanks to years of Venetian rule the island is like a cross between Venice, Naples, Greece with a sprinkling of English and French influences. Nowhere is this plainer to see than in Kerkyra town with its narrow streets, relaxed cafes and even a cricket pitch!

Because there's so much to see around Corfu it can be difficult to fit everything in, but many companies offer days out for reasonable prices. Check out whether your travel company arranges excursions too, Thomas Cook for example pride themselves on helping you to get the most out of your holiday by providing excursions when possible.

Opposite the Liston Esplanade you can see the fort. Built on a man-made island and with outstanding architecture the fort is home to a flurry of activity in the summer months. Open air concerts are put on, as are firework displays and a host of different festivals. You can of course still look round the fort in the day to experience its beauty and history.

Old Perithia is a deserted village which sits high up off the beaten track between Kassiopi and Acharavi. You get an odd sensation wandering around a deserted area that at one stage was buzzing with life and laughter, but it's an interesting visit and you can walk into most of the houses for a glimpse back at what life would have been like for those who lived there.

Lastly we come to the island's most treasured beauty spot - Paleokastritsa. Set among a backdrop of rolling green hills, crystal clear water and sandy white beaches Paleokastritsa is popular for those visiting for the day and those staying there for the whole duration of their holiday. It gets busy because of its stunning scenery, so if you're looking for a more quiet getaway then perhaps a day trip to Paleokastritsa whilst staying elsewhere is advisable.

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